Accessible baby bathtub
Accessible baby bathtub
Note: This item was designed for use by Trish, Webmaster for this site. Trish has Cerebral Palsy and uses a motorized wheelchair. She also has limited balance and arm strength.

Trish’s husband, John, built this baby bathtub using an off-the shelf baby tub, a computer table, a dishwasher hose, and some hardware. He got the idea from the Adaptive Parenting Aids Idea Book One from Through the Looking Glass. It’s easy to make. The bathtub itself is made by Fisher-Price. We chose this model because it has separate compartments from the water well from which we could drill through to bolt it to an adjustable-height rolling computer cart. The drain has a pipe fitting with a hose attached to it. To fill the tub. mommy rolls the bathtub over to the sink and uses our new spray hose faucet. Then after I’ve had my bath, all Mommy or Daddy has to do is roll the tub over to the dishwasher drain or the big people’s bathtub. Just put the hose from the baby bathtub near the drain, and pull the plug on the baby bathtub to let the water out. No lifting required!

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