Baby Lifter

Russell and Trishia Diefenbach, of Brisbane, Australia, shared with us some of the items that were made for them to allow them to care for their daughter, Erin, independently. Russell has Spinal Muscular Atrophy and uses a wheelchair, and Trishia has small arms and other effects related to Thalidomide. The Diefenbachs were very creative in their approach to parenting, and decided to share their parenting aids with us. For more inforrmation on this device, e-mail Trishia at

We are saddened to report the passing of Russell Diefenbach in October 2003. His presence among us is sorely missed.

Baby Lifter
Baby Lifter

A retired engineer developed this device to help Trishia lift Erin from the floor to her “cot”–er, that’s, “crib,” in American English. The device is operated with a foot switch and is powered by a rechargeable power drill. When the basket is lowered to the floor, the sides collapse, enabling Trishia to remove the baby with her feet. (Later, the baby learned to roll out or crawl out by herself.) When the device was raised, Trishia could transport the baby to other parts of their home, as the device is on casters that are extremely smooth. At times, the baby

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  1. thank u for the idea i am in a wheelchair raising my son and i have an adaptive lift for my wheelchair adaptive crib

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